With a day that goes by with a blink of an eye, your photos are the one thing that you can take with you.
Take it from two people who've been there.

We fell in love with wedding photography after our own wedding.

We could tell you a million reasons why people choose us. But what we hear the most? They hand-picked us because of US. They wanted to spend their wedding day with people by their side that they felt comfortable with. That they trusted. 

Choosing this particular vendor goes beyond a business relationship. It's choosing someone that can problem solve for you in a split second. It's choosing someone that will not only make you feel at ease with a camera in your face, but your entire wedding party as well. It's choosing someone who remembers what you may thought was a minute detail you brought up over a year ago.


There are a ton of photographers out there. Trust us, we know. We're friends with about 100 of 'em. This industry is filled with a diverse group of talent and personalities. We're beyond grateful to be in this mix of creatives. Choosing one wedding photographer over another comes down to one thing and one thing only- the individual(s) behind that business.

Get to know your photographers

Not just two cameras.



Our goal is so much more than booking clients. We want to get off of our consultation call with you and feel like we just made two new friends.

and journey with you from the moment you reach out, to beyond when you say "I do".

We will cherish your day

Courtney & Michael

 Throughout our entire process getting married, they were extremely supportive, provided clear/consistent communication, and made it so much fun! They have a unique style of making the pictures look natural and candid. They captured so many special moments of genuine joy. Our pictures were more than we could have even imagined - my true dream photos! We are so grateful we were able to connect and now have such beautiful pictures to cherish for a lifetime. They’ll definitely be on the walls of every room on our house! We have received SO many compliments from friends and family on how impressed they were with our photographers! We can’t wait to reconnect in the future for other milestones in our marriage!

"I could not say enough amazing words about Mood and Moon!"